Soil Restoration & Cultivation

Conscious Land Stewardship

Connecting Communities & Farms

Medicine Circle Wisdom & Council

Bridge Between Worlds

Intertribal Relations

Aaron Dukes

Core Council Members

Natural Law Studies

Authentic Community Reflections

Social Empowerment through Music

Founding Director

Website Management

Visionary & Musical Activism

Fundraising & Organization

Childhood Education & Creative Learning

Community Development

​Co-Founder of Dream Tank 

 Board of Directors

Mickie Cameron

Alexis Kegel

Ahva Lenay

Maiyu Ondaro

StarGuides Counsel Facilitator

 Ambassador Training/ Programming

Impact Hub Academy Director

Ashley Willfire

Alais Clay

Co-Founder, Events Coordinator

Global Networking

Art/Music Relations

Bruce Baumann

Ceremonial  Arts, Rites of Passage

Unity Circles, Community Bridging

Founder of Rhythm Sanctuary 

Community Organizer

Social Media Networking & Promo

Independent Journalism

We Are Change Colorado

Emily Lawler