Core Values

**This is a living, document that will evolve as the StarTribe community grows**

    - We believe in non-violent action and endeavor towards Peace worldwide.

    - We honor and respect all living things, including humans, animals, plants  and all waters of the world.

    - We practice clear, non-violent, and compassionate communication with our fellow beings.

    - StarTribe cohearts acknowledge and value soul/spirit connections within all forms of exchange.
    - We believe permaculture practices are crucial to regenerating soil and improving the homeostatic      

       balance of Earth.

    -We endeavor to provide access to free education and helpful resources.

    - We build bridges between current culture and ancient wisdom.
    - StarTribe Alliance places exceptional emphasis on fostering the natural innocence of all children,

      in sacred, healthy, creative learning environments.

    - StarTribe Alliance believes in the right to clean water, food, soil and air.
    - We respect each individual's freedom of expression and religion as we work to unify light workers  

       around the world.

    - StarTribe Alliance supports awareness and the value of cultural diversity  of all peoples regardless of

       race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or nationality. 

    - We uphold each individuals right to safety and sanctuary while respecting personal boundaries. 

These are the values and principles upon which we are building our foundation.
If these principles are in alignment with yours, consider becoming a StarTribe Ally.