Examples of other successful "Hour money" currencies

Mountain Hours - based out of Breckenridge, CO

Ithaca Hours - based out of Ithaca, NY

StarTribe Hours artwork and design by visionary artist and usury-free currency activist, Brett Jones

**New StarTribe Hours 2017 Tribal Vision edition features artwork by Franki Zinki

More about 'usury-free' alternative currencies

  When applying for StarTribe Hours, participants offer a professional service, set of skills, or simply sign up as a general volunteer.  They then receive 7 STHrs for signing up and participating, (we call this your 'birth rite'). Upon signing up, members are listed in the StarTribe Hours directory under the category of their choice (whole wellness, multimedia/ graphics, home repair, auto repair, business consulting, legal help, permaculture design, clothing, childcare, petcare, accounting, etc).  Participants can then use ST Hours to exchange with others in the directory (or outside it - more on this later).  

    Members can record exchanges and earn StarTribe Hours through our online platform, or use printed StarTribe Hours in face-to-face exchanges.  Our printed ST Hrs are all printed on Thermanent, a recycled, tree-free paper for durability, water-resistance and longevity, and are each individually marked with serial numbers to discourage counterfeiting.  In addition, each Hour note has 2 signature lines, the 'Issued by:' line is for the original issuer (StarTribe Hours Treasurers), and the 'Backed by:' line is for the original member exchanging the Hour/s into circulation.  We currently have 5 printed denominations: 1/10th hr, 1/2hr, 1hr, 2hrs and 10hrs.   More denominations coming soon!

   For StarTribe Hours online accounts, we are using CommunityWeaver3 time-banking software, thanks to TimeBanksUSA.  Members can update their profiles with current photos and talents as well as record exchanges, log hours, and post requests for services or post offers.  To apply for a StarTribe Hours member account, visit our timebank and select the 'Join' option.  After submitting your application, a coordinator will be notified to review your application for approval.  Once a coordinator approves your app and enables your online account, you will receive a Welcome notification in your email.  

   The artwork featured on the first edition of StarTribe Hours was donated by Brett Jones.  Each painting featured is meant to inspire the birth of a more sustainable system of economics based upon the desire to help one another rather than the desire merely to profit from one another.   The designs featured on the reverse side of each note are meant to remind you that the true reserves are stored within YOU.  Much greater than gold, or any physical commodity, is the power of SOUL that exists within us all - hence the phrase "Soular-powered currency" printed on all of our ST Hrs.


1. Assets: Everyone has something to offer;
2. Redefining Work: Building home, family and community is valued work;
3. Reciprocity: Encouraging givers to receive – and receivers to give – builds trust and resiliency and sharing;
4. Community: We are stronger together;
5. Respect: Respect is the root of equality.

For those who may not be aware, the vast majority of our current economic system is based on usury.   Usury is defined as the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.  Over the past 50 years, usury has been made legal and become an accepted practice of business, even though it has been deemed immoral for thousands of years . Currently, the dominant currencies used and exchanged are those lent to governments by private banks at interest, with the debt continuously being paid by the citizens through taxes.  This creates an economic system of musical chairs where the amount of debt owed, is more than the amount of money in circulation, therefore someone is always losing their house or their assets to pay the debt.  

Meanwhile, a great majority of today's population work in jobs they are not passionate about, merely to pay bills and get by.   Even the most passionate artists and activists will tell you how they are having to put their dreams aside to pay the bills.  

In a time where so many paradigms are shifting -  societal paradigms, education paradigms, justice paradigms... our economic paradigm must shift as well.

Time-banking is one of the many interconnected solutions, helping people make the shift from an economic system based on scarcity and usury to one that is based on reciprocity, respect and community.

Edgar Cahn, Founder of TimeBanksUSA, talks about the roots of time-banking rising from social justice issues in the 60's through the 80's.  These are still very real issues we deal with today, and timebanking is one piece that helps us redefine how we value ourselves and each other.

To learn more about time-banking or starting one in your own community,  check out some of these videos and resources  =)

StarTribe Alliance is excited to announce the recent launch of StarTribe Hours- a time-based, complementary currency rooted in the principles of time banking.   TimeBanking is designed to encourage connections between community members on the basis that everyone has something to give and everyone has needs. TimeBank members commit to "give and receive" using Time Credits earned and spent. The "golden rule" of TimeBanking is this: An hour of my time is equal to an hour of your time. One hour of service given earns one time credit. For one hour of service received, pay one time credit. *StarTribe Hours members also acknowledge and value the time that goes into an offering  (for example, preparation, training, transportation and completion.)

A commitment to the core values helps people to get into the spirit of TimeBanking and helps keep that spirit alive.

StarTribe Hours:  Time-based, complementary currency

How do I participate?